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Mobility Across the Baltic Sea. Finnish Artists and their Relationship with Berlin

This project sets out to explore the relationship between mobility, art/ artist and the city. What impact does human mobility have on art? How does a particular city shape an artist’s work? In what manner do artists - perhaps through their artwork? - contribute to the process through which the cultural texture and image of a city are being shaped? Using mobile Finnish artists in Berlin as my case study, this ethnographic research aims at reaching a deeper understanding of how mobile artists contribute to the shaping of a city and how the city in turn affects their work.

Identities in Practice: A Trans-Atlantic Ethnography of Sikhs in Finland and in California

In this ethnographic study I contrasted and explored the experiences of Sikh immigrants and their descendants in Helsinki (Finland) and Yuba City (California). Based on the assumption that identities are negotiated through people’s everyday practices, this ethnographic study uses the theoretical framework derived from practice theory in order to explore the situational making of postmodern identities. By analyzing practices carried out by Sikhs in relation to work, dress, the life-cycle, and religious and cultural sites, this study highlights the most important moments in which Sikhs engage in the – often transnational – art of negotiating identities.

Gothic Subculture in Finland: History, Fashion and Lifestyle

Gothic subculture and its eye-catching fashion style arrived in Finland in the early 80s. Since then it irritated many of its outsiders and enchanted its insiders. What is so special about Goths? Schwöbels work offers the first ethnographic research that has been done into the Gothic subculture in Finland and presents an unique inside look into their world. It gives and overview on the history of the Finnish Gothic subculture and offers detailed information about the first Finnish Gothic bands. By exploring and interpreting the variety of Gothic fashion styles and by paying special attention to its details, this work aims at uncovering the meaning Finnish Gothic subculture has for its insiders as well as outsiders. Particular attention is paid to the interpretation of the color black, which is one of the most meaningful details of Gothic subcultures fashion style. The intention of this work is to explore and present the complexity of Finnish Gothic subculture and to contrast it to existing stereotypes, which have been related to it. This book is an excellent work for those interested in cultural studies, youth studies and in the analysis of fashion styles.


Fieldwork pictures: Helsinki (FIN)

& Yuba City (USA)

“Taking photographs is a great way to capture a glimpse of the moment we experience in a particular place at a certain time with other people. For an ethnographer photographs can thus turn into a valuable means to communicate our experiences and insights that we otherwise try to convey through written ethnographies.“

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